Deescalate a situation when someone is angry or agitated?

If there are indications of Deescalate or physical aggression, it is crucial to keep in mind that:

  1. you must remain in a calm state
  2. anger could be an indication of someone who is struggling in a state of fear or anger.
  3. it is impossible to think or discuss a problem in a person who’s furious.
  4. Effective communication skills are essential to getting the best results, and settling the situation.

Use the techniques of Deescalate below to stop escalating a situation:

  1. Find out the cause of the problem and what the individual’s concerns are.
  2. Make reflective remarks to prove that you’ve been able to understand their concerns.
  3. Make sure that the person has let go of their anger and expressed how they feel.
  4. Keep a steady eye contact to communicate to the individual.
  5. Invert your head slightly to indicate that you’re listening, and also give an untense posture.
  6. Do not hesitate to verify that you’re listening and you understand.
  7. Show empathy and show that you are able to understand.
  8. It’s not your responsibility to stop someone from becoming angry, but these measures can help people feel more calm.¬†Only then you can consider how to manage the issue and their concerns.

In such a scenario employees can be overwhelmed because they don’t know how they can “stop” the anger, and they should be aware that extreme anger episodes don’t last.¬†… the intense emotions like anger are usually dissolved when time passes.

A person who has experienced mental health conditions.

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