How does Home Depot Health Check App Work?

Home Depot is an online platform where they supply various products, tech-related tools, home improvements tools with different services. No doubt they have a lot of employees for managing this largest business. Home Depot business is spread in different countries such as the USA, Canada, etc.

Nowadays, due to pandemics, everyone wants to save and be healthy for himself and his family. To minimize this risk, Home Depot introduced the “Home Depot Health Check App”.

Home Depot has taken actionable steps to keep safe its employees. They can easily measure whether he/she is able to do work or not. Let’s take a look at the Home Depot health check app before going on the discussion on the process.

What does “Home Depot Health Check App” mean?

Home Depot introduced an official “Home Depot Health Check app” that is specially designed in the United States for associates and non-associates. The basic purpose of this health check app is to save the associates and non- associates.

Before the performance of duty, every associate has to complete the form mentioned in the Home Depot health check app. with the help of a collected data of questionnaire they can easily determine that he/she is fit and healthy to perform the duty or not.

For getting useful data Government agencies or health authorities are contacted by the Home Depot health check app department and they also shared info if needed.

Login Process in Home Depot Health Check App

The log-in process in the Home Depot Health Check app is an easy task. First, you have to identify that you are associates or non-associates. There are two different methods and processes for associates and non-associates. Make sure you followed the correct option:

Login Process for SSO Associates/Employees

Follow the instructions mentioned below then you will be able to login with associates/employee ID:

Open the Web homepage

There will be two options; associates and non-associates

You have to select the “associates”

Login page will be open and you have to enter the following things; “Location, User ID, and Password”

Then click on sign in button.

Login Process for SSC Non-associates

If you are non-associates, then you have filled in the basic info related to your identification such as name, mobile name, and so on. So follow the instructions mentioned below then you will be able to login without any troubles:

Open the Web homepage

Choose SSC non-associates option

Enter the “First and second name”

Add the “Mobile number”

Fourth one is optional (You can add The Home Depot Contact Name), if you have

Enter the “Badge ID” (Required for Badged contractor only)

Add the “Company Name”.

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