Immunitee formally accepted in Singapore, Malaysia’s first Health Passport

In partnership together with Affinidi, a world-renowned investment company with its headquarters in. Singapore the Malaysian Immunitee. Health Passport will become the first health passport for the country that allows tourists to enter to. Singapore once they have been verified and cleared through Affinidi’s Unifier digital credential platform. Immunitee operates as an electronic health passport that is based on blockchain. Technology constructed on a highly secure, end-to-end vaccine registry management system that offers an. Integrated system for tracking vaccines which integrates public and private health systems. The health passport was designed with the intention to give travelers an electronic record of complete. History of vaccination and testing that will allow for a more seamless enjoyable and more. Comfortable quarantine-free travel experience in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic.

How does it work

The Immunitee Health Passport is an easy-to-use system that contains personal immunisation records. As well in vaccine information, which helps to validate the validity of COVID-19 vaccines and tests. This facilitates the process of traveler clearance at health checkpoints for border. Crossings while making sure that medical information remains safe throughout the entire blockchain process.

The government authorities and other institutions like national healthcare facilities or hotels. Immigration systems or universities would have access to the individual’s data by scanning an encrypted QR code. The QR code can only opened using a personal “key” that belongs to the. Individual and includes all pertinent test and vaccination details about the individual.

The bigger trend

All governments around the globe are trying to acquire or create. COVID-19 vaccination and then successfully give the vaccine to citizens. 7 vaccines on three platforms have distributed across the globe, as of February 2021. The most vulnerable populations of each country receiving the highest priority when it comes to vaccination.

Furthermore, Bahrain has already launched the world’s first COVID-19 digital ” vaccine passport”. The application will give details about the status of an individual’s immunity and also an official certificate containing the personal information of the person who holds the account as well as the type of vaccine that was receive.

After this, it’s likely that countries will gradually start to plan to open their doors to travelers while taking strict measures to make sure that travelers are vaccinate prior getting into the country. Naturally, an equivalent health passport system to the one offer by Immunitee will require development to ease the screening process for travelers that is control. In this way an online unifier platform such as Immunitee will recognized internationally and Immunitee could be able to help to enhance the authentication process on the platform for different countries.

The record

“Immunitee can quickly deployed and provides a single Vaccine Registry Management System that unites private and public healthcare systems while simultaneously protecting confidential patient information,” Datuk Dr Nick Boden, Chief Executive Director of Immunitee said.

He also said that “The future of travel in a Covid world means that travellers will be required to show proof of Covid-19 testing as well as a vaccination history, and the Immunitee Health Passport provides an end-to-end platform for users.”

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