narcissist quotes

Narcissist Quotes

Narcissist Quotes, “Certainly the most harmful vice, if you will the idea of it, is one that people can possess. The most destructive vice – other than self-pity, believed to be one of the cardinal sins is self-pity. Self-pity is the most negative emotion one can experience. And it is the most destructive. It’s a bit of a stretch to quote the words that Wilde wrote about hatred and I believe that it’s self-pity is a subset and not the reverse It takes everything it touches but it doesn’t destroy itself.

Narcissist Quotes

Self-pity can destroy relationships, and it will destroy everything that is good, and it will fulfil all the promises it creates and only leave the self. It’s easy to think that you’re being hard-done by, that things are unfair and people are not appreciated, and that if one could have had a chance at this, if only one would have had a chance to be honest, things could have been better. You would be more content if you only thiswere true, that you are not lucky. These are all things. They may actually be true. Butto be pityful because of these is doing oneself a huge harm.

Narcissist Quotes

I believe it’s one of the things we dislike in the american culture one that I generally find extremely attractive. I love americans and enjoy being in america. However, every now and then there’s a glimpse of their self-satisfying shame that they’re capable of. And you’ll see it in their talk show. It’s an abominable spectacle and it’s self-destructing. I’ve had the idea to create a self-help book that said. ‘How To Feel Happy written by Stephen Fry : Guaranteed success’. 

Then people purchase this huge book only to find empty pages. The first page will say”Stop Feeling Sad for yourself – and you’ll be happy ‘. The rest part of the page to record your fascinating thoughts and. Drawings which is what the book will say and it’s accurate. It sounds like ‘Oh this is so easy’ because it’s not easy to let go of feeling guilty about yourself. It’s a lot of work. Since we get down on ourselves that’s the reason Genesis is all about.”

Narcissist Quotes

— Stephen Fry

“This tale [“The Depressed Person”] was the most hurtful thing I’ve ever written. It’s about narcissism. This is one of the causes of depression. The character has characteristics that are similar to my own. I lost friends when writing about that story. I was ugly and miserable and would yell at people. The most difficult thing about depression is the fact that it’s self-focus illness. Dostoevsky is a good example of this with the novel “Notes From Underground”. Depression is painful and you’re consumed by your own thoughts and the more severe the depression it gets. The more you think about yourself, and the more secluded and unattractive that you appear to others.”

— David Foster Wallace

“The more skilled the artist the more doubt. Complete confidence is given to those who are less gifted as the consolation prize.”

“Modernism’s Patriarch (Time Magazine 10 June 1996)[Modernism’s Patriarch (Time Magazine, June 10, 1996)]”

-Robert Hughes Robert Hughes

“The primary requirement for success of love is the defeat of the narcissism of one’s self. The narcissistic perspective is one that believes one is real only the things that exist within oneself. So The external world events do not have any real-world reality. And are only viewed in terms of being beneficial or harmful for one. So The opposing side to Narcissism is objectivity. It is the ability to perceive others and things in their entirety, in a neutral way, and being in a position to distinguish the objective view from a perception that is influenced by the desires and fears of one’s own.”

– – Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving

“I don’t care about what you think, as long as it’s not concerning me.”

— Kurt Cobain

“Stay free of insidious parasites who snooze on you to meet their demands They do not appear to ease your burdens, thus, their purpose is to detract, distract and extract and make your life miserable.”

— Michael Bassey Johnson

“These illustrations offer four general rules […].

The first thing to remember is that your motives may not be always as charitable as they appear to you.

The second one is: don’t over-value your own strengths.

The third point is to not think that others will take the same interest in you as you take in yourself.

The fourth point is: Don’t think that the majority of people are thinking enough about you to have a particular need to pursue you.”

– Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness

“The ability to be objective is reason The emotional motivation behind reason is one of humility. Being objective, to make use of reasoning skills, is only possible after one has developed the state of humility when one has escaped the fantasies of omniscience and omnipotence one was able to attain when young children. The concept of love, which is based on the lack of narcissism, demands the development to be humble, objective and reasoning.

It is important to be able to recognize the distinction between my image of someone’s behavior, which is distorted by narcissism and his reality is as it is, regardless of my own interests as well as my needs and anxieties.”

– – Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving

“Playing the victim part: Manipulator portrays him- or herself as the victim of circumstance or another’s actions to gain sympathy, empathy or compassion , and thus get something from someone else. People who are compassionate and caring cannot endure seeing someone being in pain, and the manipulator usually is able to play on sympathy in order to win cooperation.”

— George K. Simon Jr

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