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Visuwell as New Telehealth. The COVID-19 epidemic has increased the need for medical appointments via virtual technology and in the future. Telehealth will play the most important place in providing patient care. To improve patient care through accessibility and ease of use, University Hospitals (UH) has selected. Visuwell as the new primary provider of telehealth. Visuwell is headquarter within Nashville, Tenn., is. A pioneer in enterprise virtual care delivery that allows health care providers and health systems. To improve outcomes and lower the cost of healthcare and meet the demands of consumers.

The impact of telehealth was evident during the incredibly difficult challenges and uncertainty of the pandemic. UH has shifted to address the demands of patients, increasing telehealth visits from. 11,000 visits in the year 2019 to over 400000 in 2020. This dramatic growth in services required a new approach to enhance the experience of visiting via telemedicine for both caregivers and patients.

With its secure browser-based platfor. Visuwell simplifies a variety of aspects of telehealth visit and makes the process simpler to use. And efficient for all who is involve. Visuwell gives patients a comprehensive experience, with. HIPAA-compliant video conference as well as a virtual waiting room screen sharing, as well as multi-party visits. Visuwell integrates into UH’s scheduler and medical record system, which helps avoid administration tasks that are duplicate. To make it easier patients don’t need to download an application or sign up for an account. To make an appointment via telehealth, patients just click the link sent to them by text email, mail, or phone.

“Telehealth is the future of medicine, but it also presents unique challenges,” said Stacy M. Porter, MBA, FACHE, vice president Women’s Health, Pediatrics and Consumer-centric strategy in University Hospitals. “Visuwell was evaluated and recommended by caregivers in departments across our health system. It provides key features and functionalities that meet UH’s standard of providing the highest quality care for patients.”

“UH is working hard to increase healthcare access without sacrificing convenience or quality of care,” said. Visuwell chief executive officer Sam Johnson. “At Visuwell, we partner with organizations to develop tailored virtual care strategies including telemedicine. Solutions to address healthcare’s biggest challenges, while providing them with. A robust feature set and configurable options to help them successfully deliver virtual care for their patients. We are excited to work with an innovative organization like. UH to expand their virtual care footprint and transform the telemedicine experience for providers and patients.”

UH plans to begin the launch of Visuwell with more than 100 providers by. June, with the aim of integrating all providers by autumn. The COVID-19 virus may have increased the use of this method, however UH hopes that patients will benefit from the benefits and convenience of virtual visits through Visuwell for a long time to come.

About University Hospitals / Cleveland, Ohio

Established in 1866, University Hospitals serves the needs of patients by providing an integrated network that includes 20 hospitals (including five joint ventures) with over 50 healthcare centers as well as outpatient facilities. There are also 200 doctor offices spread across 16 counties across northern Ohio. The hospital’s most prestigious educational medical centre, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center situate in the city’s University Circle, is affiliate to Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. 

This main hospital also has University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital which is ranked among the top hospitals for children across the country; University Hospitals MacDonald Women’s Hospital which is the only Ohio-based hospital exclusively for women; University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute which is one of the largest national referral centers for advanced cardiovascular procedures in addition, the University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center which is located within the National Cancer Institute’s Case Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

UH has several of the top research and clinical programs in the country that include pediatrics, cancer women’s health, orthopedics, women’s health and neurology, radiology, cardiovascular surgery and cardiology as well as digestive health, transplantation and Urology. UH Cleveland Medical Center is consistently among the top performers in national rankings surveys, such as “America’s Best Hospitals” from U.S. News & World Report. UH is also home of the Harrington Discovery Institute, part of the Harrington Project for Discovery & Development. UH is among the biggest companies within Northeast Ohio with 28,000 physicians and staff. The advancement of on the Science of Health and the Art of Compassion is the UH’s goal to help its patients in the coming years and its unchanging goal is to heal.

About Visuwell

Visuwell is a leader in providing innovative low-cost virtual healthcare solutions. A leading provider of affordable virtual care solutions. Visuwell platform is user-friendly and enterprise-ready, with browser-based healthcare technology, which improves the quality of care delivery for health system such as ambulatory health organizations, as well as payers. Gives patients and healthcare providers a full online health experience that includes eConsults Telemedicine visits, eTriage, CCM, RPM TCM remote observation, and CCM across a variety of environments and uses. Visuwell lets care providers make use of their providers’ networks to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare. The Visuwell platform offers a custom virtual experience that accommodates 35+ cases of use, serving thousands of patients and assisting millions of people view health care differently. Find out more about the platform by visiting and also the website’s page on telemedicine which includes guides, white papers as well as case studies.

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