Wallgreen Boots and India’s TCS agree on $1.5bn contract

Indian IT (IT) business Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has signed an $1.5bn contract with US pharmacies retailer Wallgreen The Boots Alliance (WBA).

TCS is responsible for the change in WBA’s IT operational model as part of the ten-year contract.

The new strategic partnership will be accompanied by the launch of the new operating model to provide IT Run and Operational managed services.

The TCS services include maintenance of applications and support, as well as infrastructure and security operations.

This will enable WBA to accelerate its digitalisation program and cut costs while achieving efficiencies.

TCS Retail Industry Solutions head Ashish Khurana told. TCS: “We will leverage our contextual knowledge of. WBA’s business ecosystem to harness the power of digital technologies to streamline and scale-up their. IT operations, while helping accelerate transformational initiatives that enhance the customer experience.”

WBA Global IT Team will initially focus on the creation of new digital products and services that are available on its business platforms in order to bring value to customers.

This investment into a completely new worldwide IT operation model has a part of the. WBA’s strategy for growth which is design to effectively control costs as part of the Transformational Cost Management Program.

WBA Global Chief Information Officer senior vice president Francesco Tinto said: .”WBA is building a scalable long-term and sustainable. IT operational system that is center on the digital transformation, the automated service delivery, and technological innovation.

“The TCS strategic partnership will enhance our ability to rapidly address evolving business needs. Support large-scale global technology solutions, and promote investment in truly differentiating capabilities through a modernised platform.”

Based with its headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois, Walgreens Boots Alliance is among the top companies in retail in wholesale and retail pharmacy.

WBA is present over 25 different countries. It employing more than 440,000 employees, and has around 18,750 locations.

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